How to add custom admob unit id via firebase?


How to add custom admob id via firebase?

I want custom or set AD-UNIT-ID admob banner via firebase,cant its?

ive create app sample…

How make bloks?

Button(show ads) >> get volue from firebase (ad-units-id) admob >>set admob banner with ad-units-id from firebase >>load adbanner

Thanks,ihove anyone helpme…

How to use adunit as variable?
Ad Unit ID into Variables

@kangris are you saying you want to change AdUnitId programmatically and use different ID?


yes sir,can’t its? i want manage some diferent id from firebase
can you help me sir :pray::pray:


@kangris you should not keep changing id. Why do you want to change?


i thinks i need to change/manage for more/much app,
so if any app or id admod have touble … this fast solution to fix… no more time to build most app again :grinning:


As you can see in the Admob blocks drawer, there’s no block to set the ad unit ID, you can only set it in the designer screen, in the component properties.

What you can try, is to set many ads, each one with their respective ID and set them invisible. Then set visible only the one you want to show.



Can we make the adunit ID into variable?


guys any know how to use admob adunit as varaiable like when any user submit its adunit ads will be shown by using its adunit


@Italo Ok i see now :slight_smile: thanks
Its means ,for now its imposible to set custom adunitid…
Ihope next time admob extention be added :blush:


I get the strong impression that this is never going to happen, because it would violate the AdMob terms of service. Google doesn’t want people easily changing their AdMob ids as a way of bypassing various anti-abuse mechanisms it has in place. Folks who know more can correct me if I’m off base here. Folks, are, of course, able to download and install AppyBuilder offline, and then go in and modify the AdMob functionality to permit this. I suspect that risks getting your app flagged and taken down, however.

A small suggestions for appybuilder team

@Thomas_Leavitt ok
I understand, but sometimes I get annoyed, because my app is often in decompile person and in replace its adunitid :confused:

How to Prevent Decompile?

Wow, this is serious problem.


I don’t understand what you wrote there. What is the need for changing the ad unit id at runtime?


dude i also faced same problem, many people decompiled app, changed my ad unit id with their and then compiled back and shared them , so the revenue which i should get was taken by them…

so i wanted to change ad id from firebase,

get ad id from firebase and then display them, in order to solve above mentioned problem,

got it??


This is a great discussion. I too have been wanting this feature… but currently it is not possible in Appybuilder …
it was only possible if “set.adUnitID” function was present. which unfortunately is not.
And setting your adUnitID through firebase is not against AdMob policies. You can do it in Android studio.
Have to wait when they are gonna add in Appybuilder too.


this is possible plz contact +918878537207


where you get this option?