How many screens


Hi, how many screens can now be added? Since the limit is not nearly 20MB.
We have to make a Welcome screen, a login screen, a registration screen, another menu, and 9 more screens. They are a total of 13 screens. Do you think it will hold?


see tip 1


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Hello Taifun, look we want to pass info to a Screen 2. Look, we have these blocks.
Screen 1

Screen 2

But we do not know how to realize that when you play Button 2 only show the list of season 2.
We were able to show only season 1.
That is, when you touch Button1 only show the list of season 1. When you touch Button2 only show the list of season 2 and so on with the other buttons.
If you can do us the favor of showing us blocks, we would be totally grateful.


if you stored that list in TinyDB in tag “season 2”, then use the GetValue block together with tag “season 2”

and 9 more screens.

see again Building Apps with Many Screens about how to avoid redundancy


Thanks for answering
Yes, we understand, what we can not do is that the ColinListTreeView add elements, depending on which season it is.
If I play season 1, the ColinListTreeView will create the elements with the list of season 1, as well as the others.