How many data put in one label?


hello i have 2 questions please tell me.
how many data put in one label?
how many button put in one screen?


You are a frequent user with questions. So you should know how important it is to be clear with your questions.

Give more info what you want to achieve to get a better answer.


I don’t think so there is any limit .


my some apps are crash and my users complains so i ask but here no one know about this.
spicily in android 5.0 not perfect for appybuilder.
appybuilder are not suitable for android 5.0 version.
every time when my app crash. then i found android 5.0 version mobile.
so if any real expert listen me so please tell me how many buttons we use in one screen.(10,15, 100 ??? how many?)
and how many data we put in one label.


All these due to error in blocks , Images, pmgs or extensions we are using in our app.So try to mKe your app with less images n all…


i use only image for logo. that size only 5kb.


Look, if you need more than 20 buttons in a screen, then sorry but your app is very unprofessional.
What kind of app needs so many buttons that you will run out of memory by the amount of them?

There’s no specific limit of any components, when you run out of memory, that’s it! Game Over! Redesign your app!


my dear brother when you make category type apps then you need many button.
but one side you tell me no limit. and 2nd side you tell me 20 button in one screen?
can you please tell me data size ( in kb)???


I didn’t say 20 buttons is the limit. I said 20 buttons is too much for a functional app.
I also said the amount of components you can put in an app depends on the memory available in your device and how much you are using of it with all the components you already placed.


my friend. please one more thing clear me.
for example if some one installed app. if his mobile has no space then chances to app crash?
because when we open app then its take some space for opening.


Yes always remember once the app is installed & when first time we are going to open that app it store some files in our mobile storage so if there is no space then app start crashing…