How I can add Analytics for my app


Hi guys
How I can add Analytics for my app and know what time the users are use my app and what’s their country somethings like that


You can add invisible webview componet to app and include google analytic with html and gtag.js

Monitoring user activity

Is there any way to use that with firebase ?


Hi, @Peep, nice tips. If i make the webview invisible, is the .js still work?


@Ronin making it invisible shouldn’t have any functionality impact


I see. Thanks @Hossein


Is it work with you bro ?


I use a small webview with Height of 1 pixel and Width of 1 pixel and works perfect with google analytics


algo como esto es lo que requieren construir


How I can make this work with appybuilder?


Where you add webviewer and do you create it visible or inviable


Set webviewer to VISIBLE, I put it in a white part of the app


Is that works with you and could you
Show me example for it


first you need to tracking id from analitycs


Pasos para agregar WEBVIEWER a google analytics:

  1. Entra a y dale click en New Google Sites

  2. Crea un nuevo sitio web

  3. Haz click en PUBLICAR

  4. Escribe el nombre de tu sitio y da click en PUBLICAR

  5. Ahora abre analytics y ve a ADMINISTRAR para crear una propiedad

  6. Da click en Crear Propiedad

  7. Aquí elige seguimiento de Sitio Web, escribe la URL del sitio web que creaste en Google Sites y dale click para obtener tu TRACKING ID

  8. Copia el TRACKING ID

  9. Regresa a Google Sites y da click en MAS y luego en Análisis de sitios web

  10. Aqui escribe tu TRACKING ID y dale en guardar

Ya solo queda agregar al webviewer de tu app la direccion URL de tu sitio, y listo ya puedes ver estadisticas de uso de tu app en analytics.

Firebase google analytics
Firebase google analytics

Very clear steps, @herrerapps… Thank you for the tutorial,


Thanks Ronin :+1: :grinning:


how i know which specific user is active and how much he is active


@Best_Help I don’t believe you can find anything like that. You’ll need to build a cloud database that includes such data as user id, app name, timestampand some remote script like php


Easy. You need to use timer that fired every time like every 15-30 seconds. Then post user’s id when timer is fired. Use your cloud database to record the data for further analysis.