How Embed player streaming m3u8 jwplayer in the app


watch this

Stream Player (Video & Audio) Extension
Help with Video Player and MySQL component

@TECHNO_APPS what’s this? Are you asking question?


@John no . i want upload video but i cant


Upload video from device to cloud?


@John no . you not undrestand me .I have a code embed player streaming m3u8 jwplayer for andriod :wink::grin:


Hi, i don’t understand what do you mean. Your video is inaccessible. I think it could be permissions issue.


@Ronin :persevere::unamused::unamused:


Well, it is accessible now. It didn’t some time ago.
Oh, this is youtube video, so different link than last time. But i understand that you want to demonstrate the use of live streaming videos using webviewer.


@Ronin yes. i have the code :blush::blush::grin::grin:


@TECHNO_APPS How did you do it ?, Could you help me?


you have extension

usted tiene la extension??


@Andres_Cotes yes i have


@Oscar_Talavera yes i can but be not free


please help me for this. how can i do this


i want this extension for playing m3u8 stream




@TECHNO_APPS All the channels begin in mute ??
Needs to press volume to listen or the volume rises later ??


Hi TECHNO_APPS, You can do a tutorial or a step by step written to teach us how to do that, since it is very necessary for all of us who work with videos. Please, thank you very much.



goo work … please need more