How can I store a Webview page in TinyDB to load it locally?



I want to store a webpage locally. How can I do that ?


When you say locally, do you mean offline?


yea… But not exactly I want to store a webView shown page in tinyDB for future use without any loading…


That gets tricky You need to use an offline scraper and converter.

This one works and is cheap if you go above their limit.


You could also use php to copy a page and let php base64_encode it. After that the page echos the base64 content and you can base64 decode it inside the app. Than you dont need to use a api of others :wink:

ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);
$url = $_GET["url"]; //Sets the variable
if($url == "")
echo "URL_EMTY!";
$side = @file_get_contents($url); //copys the page contens
echo base64_encode($side); //encodes and outputs the contents
echo "You need to set the var url to a url ;)";

exaple on server:


Where should we put this code?


Create a php server and put the code into a index.php…
you can visit the link that ive posted "" to test it out
I hope that’s the anser that you wanted … (sry if i misunderstood your question)


Ok. Thank you. I will try


if you need any help dont hasitate to contact me…