How can i make AR application by vuforia and appybuilder?



hello my friends
how can i make AR application by vuforia and appybuilder?


Please provide more info


i want make augmented reality application by inserting sdk , .dat , .xml and other vuforia keys in it.


You’ll need to create an extension that can use the new sdk


There is a workshop today at the App Inventor Summit where someone will talk about AR and App Inventor. I will see what i can share.


it would be nice ifVedils Builder were open to the public again.
Because there they have several components related to augmented reality and virtual reality application development (with vuforia and etc …),
Unfortunately it is closed to the public


Really special presentation. At the moment only a research project and made for ios. But the results are great.


When the video of the presentation comes online i will put the link here. It was fantastic.


Great!!! Are good news coming??


Yes but that would make this really go offtopic. :sunglasses:


I dont know how can do that, can you help me?


You have to contact the developers of the Vedils builder.


Show, the Vedils company were there too?
Please create a topic with the news of the event.please
I await the video, thanks