How can i grab utc time from webpage?



I watched this Pixxiboom tutorial
Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking and it a good tutorial but my app sometime it can’t grab timestamp from and when i test it, i got this image
Then i found this webpage but it’s not kind of JSON, how can i grab from it?


I test it, it works

Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking
How to make online UTC Clock

Wow, thank you very much :heart_eyes:
I also found another solution by grab Filetime form this page & and then convert it to second, it just a bit different from Unix time . Anyway thanks, now i have two choice to do with my app.:relaxed::relaxed:


how can i get currentFileTime from help me


It’s the same as

You can watch the tutorial to get some tips or do this

Note that the FILETIME structure is based on 100-nanosecond intervals.

How to make online UTC Clock

It looks like i’m not the only one then with the same issue of that website being slow, I had posted a comment on the tutorial page about a issue like this where the table would throw me a error because it wouldn’t populate with the timestamp but after a little bit it finally allowed me to press the button to start the count down and my assumption was that the website was so slow that the table responded before the website and it threw the error. Nice examples of other websites though! might have to use the one instead since it seems to be a lot better.


Now i found other site to grab utc time in json this site. it’s faster then

Timestamp Error. Help

Well if i want to use FILETIME i must change wait time from “3600” to "
3,600,000,000,000" if wait time must be 1hour?


Can you share your blocks? how did you make it