How appybuilder make money?


sorry but this question always coming in my mind… because now gold version is totally free.:joy::joy:


@Chetan_singh Great question. We are very passionate about what we do and to provide a platform that is used by so many users. However being passionate, doesn’t pay for service expenses. So, we have made it user-supported and we have some users whom either have subscriptions or have made contributions, and we truly appreciate and thank these users and encourage others to follow link below for starting subscription or contribution:

Having said above, AppyBuilder user base is on rapid growth and we have lots of free non-subscriber users meaning much more expenses for AppyBuilder. So, to be fair to subscribers, we are coming up with a plan that, like other distros, a %5 AdMob revenue is directed to AppyBuilder. However, this will ONLY apply to free users and NOT subscribers.

If you want to subscribe, link here:

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HOW IS "5% commission" of Appybuilder Working?

@Hossein nice plan… but what was the difference between 8$ subscription, 6$ subscription and 4$subpscription…
and when will it will be live


When will it be live what?
AppyBuilder Gold is already live!

The price differences are options to what you can pay, If you can’t pay $8 but you can $4 then pay $4, there’s no difference in what service you’ll get.


I am asking about this plan when it will be live the new plan.
and thx I thought we get the difference in services, now iam cleared


@Chetan_singh we’ll keep community informed and should be in next minor release; hopefully in couple of days


Wow, this is new to me. This is a nice plan, @Hossein


what does subscribed and free users means ? how to get subscribed ?


You can follow link below: