[ Hour of Block ] VR Compatibility Checker


This app was developed just for fun…

I made a challenge to myself to develop a simple app with in a hour (Hour of Block)

This was the end result which I made in around 40mins…

Here is the screenshot :

Description : This app checks that is your device compatible with VR.

Download the app :slight_smile:


You can also check more information on my website CODEWAALA

Drop a comment on your experience with this app !!!

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I unlist this. No description of what your app does. No screenshots, just a link. That’s not enough. Add more info and i will list this topic again.


I have updated the topic.


How did you change the title font in AppyBuilder?


Ooh it’s not the title font of the app but, font of my phone,:grin::grin::grin:

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