Hour Meter (6 languages)


I enjoyed creating this simple application to mark the hours used in a project or in a work shift
The application translates automatically into 6 languages: English-Italian -Spanish -Portuguese -French -German (some errors may be present) If your language is different, the English language will be set automatically
The app is 100% free and has no ads
Below is the description on Google Play

Hour Meter

Count hours is a very intuitive tool that puts the following functions at your disposal

  • Count the hours with Start - Stop - Save function
  • Enter the turn done manually
  • Summary of the shifts performed grouped by month
  • Save a summary text file on your device
  • Edit or delete an entry from the list of shifts

The date format is Month - Day - Year

100% free

Hour Meter

Thanks @Marco for reporting. In the new release, when you delete a time interval, the hour count is updated immediately. Some changes to the graphics have been made


now, the exported file will be, in addition to the text format, in an html-table
Note: Using javascript, on some browsers it doesn’t work