HorizontalArrangementAddons extension


gimme 60 minutes to make donation
gimme the complete extension!!

a question: is there an event “when focus down-up”?

edit, in the video the label change text in end_scroll and start_scroll. so there is an event, right?


estos son los bloques


may i have both horizontal and vertical extension?


no comprendo a que te refieres con horizontal y vertical ¿¿ el scroll??


this extension works with which kind of arrangements?


la ultima que te envie

necesitas la Horizontal Scroll???


well, a horizontal scroll could be useful for me.
i’m making you work hard :joy:


me gusta que me ayuden a buscar los bloques adicionales que no existen cada vez es mas dificil encontrarlos

estoy construyendo esto http://andrescotes.cf/extensions/


@Diego_Marino are you talking about HorizontalScrollArrangrment?


sure hossein, i could use an extension like this


Maybe i missed some conversion. HorizontalScrollView is a built-in component under layout. See video below. It uses that component.


we were speaking about the extension that has a listener when the scroll view reaches the end…


hola @Hossein el quiere los metodos de deteccion de eventos eso bloques aun no estan o si estan no se en donde


@Diego_Marino creo que es esto


yes nice…where is the link?


ya te lo envio al correo


yes thanks, it’s ok :blush:


hi andres,
i want a extension that
have event when the verticalscroll view reaches the end or top.
where is the verticalscroll version extension download?or could you send me a demo,tks!




To give information to everyone talking about new color picker, nothing will change at all, new color picker, won’t return hex code to you still, it will return the same thing as it is doing now. As you can check App Inventor’s UCR branch, you can see HSV Color Picker commit. When you click to choose colors you will see all the same colors & at the bottom you will see a new color called “Custom…”, which on click would open a hsv picker. App Inventor after user picking color, will convert it into AI Color Code, so if you make an extension that uses color blocks, after update, nothing will change.