High Score Leaderboard (using Fusion Table as the Database)


You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot. This tutorial uses Fusion Table as the Database to store/retrieve user data. You are required to already have a basic knowledge of how Fusion Table works in order to complete this tutorial.

This video builds off the Fusion Table tutorials. Giving you additional examples on how to easily check for a Username/Password in the Fusion Table (Screen1), how to update the user’s Score with a Spinning Wheel Event (EVENT Screen) and how to view all user’s high scores (LEADERBOARD Screen). The tutorial focuses on the Leaderboard Screen which shows you how to grab the necessary information from the Fusion Table and output that data using a Custom List View. The Custom List will show the user’s avatar, username and high score in order from highest to lowest.

YOU AGREE THAT BY DOWNLOADING THIS .AIA FILE you will ONLY use it for education purposes or as part of your app. Any apps published to Google Play using any or parts of this .aia file MUST legibly include the phrase “original app design by Pixii Bomb” either on the title screen or somewhere in the “About” section. ANY Or ALL parts of this project MAY NOT be uploaded to another youtube channel, website, or publication in which the uploader receives credit for my work. If you wish to use ANY part of this tutorial in a tutorial that you create, you MUST have my permission to do so.
If you violate any of the above terms, your channel/website/publication will be flagged for copyright infringement.
Project File: Leaderboard_Fusion_FREE.aia (176.8 KB)



Another great tutorial from @PixiiBomb


can we do this using firebase and what does 200 peak connection mean ?


@PixiiBomb mam plz make through firebase databased


You can use this leaderboard which uses firebase


Why you are selling it, when @PixiiBomb :heart_eyes: giving it in free? I know that you made it in firebase but still.
You should give users this file in free of cost so that they can learn.


It’s ok if he’s selling his work. He put in the time and effort to create a template. :slight_smile:
I actually will be selling some of my templates here in about a month when I get some stuff done. But I’ll still have free templates as well so people can learn from them.

Think of it like a convenience fee. He did all of the work for you. Like when you go to the convenience store, milk is a little more expensive, because it’s across the street. Instead of driving 10 minutes to the super market :stuck_out_tongue:

(Actually I’m going to allow people to “pay” with points - its a work in progress)


yea sure i will give u a blank aia file for free :smiley:


And I will donate it to the poor in your name :wink:


hahahahaha you guys are great :stuck_out_tongue:


Bro please Guide … me how to short data which i call from Firebase
Unable to create please please Guide…:pray:


Hi pixi, thank you for the fantastic tutorials :).

I tried to follow this one to make a simple leaderboard for one of my apps (currently use tinywebdb). I think i must have missed something with implementation of the fusion tables, as i now receive the above errors when i open the app. Im hoping youve seen this error before and can advise me of where i went wrong!




well, if you use her tutorial, why are you asking in another community then?
what about following my answer, I already have given you there…

do the pizza party tutorial and learn how to use the service account method


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


brilliant, thanks for the advice:astonished:


These are some of the limitations when using Fusiontables