Hidden Ads id Admob & place id ads on database/firebase/external



Hi all builder, ( + admin )

I have a problem rightnow, my application was decompile someone and get / change my id admob . How can i hide my id ads admob on appybuilder so as not to be seen anyone…???
Maybe i have an idea to place id ads admob to dtabase/firebase/ external…or something like that. Can anyone help me to solve my problem…??
( idea --> how to hide id ads/encrypt id ads & place id ads on external )


If anyone can help me out for my problem…???
you can call this project, if you can solve this, i will pay.



read more here

test apk


Mr. @Mooded_Extensions
u can see in this image

The person who becomes a member of this builder 6 hr ago and is upset with Admob. Then you do not think he wants to keep his real identity secret.
I do not know why he is doing this. But my experience says that this is a wrong person

Wifi Direct P2P ( Wifi Direct Peer To Peer)

WOW…007 is here…


tumko kya problem hai


I think u don’t like 007…


i dont know what do you mean ??
can you help me out sir, why i want to hide my id ads, because the app in playstore soo easy to decompile and will show up id ads admob.
i want to hide id ads or place id ads on external, anyone can help ??


you have to ise the extension what the other member sent you. There is no otheway to hide the id. Download the id from a safe database and put it into your id


hi philip,

yes i think imposible to hide id, but maybe anyone can develope aix extention admob for place id on external web/database ??
with that extention, id ads can be encrypt on apk.


nothing impassible .
i have idea for hide id
but I do not help anyone who hides own real identity


awesome sir, ok what should i have to do to show me on my id real ?


you said you prove on your app on playstore. i see ur id admob complete on your apk. What do you think ?? am i wrong to see your id admob ?

do you want proove that i got ur id admob to showing on this topics ?


just show here my admob id

u cant get my adunit form that apk


ok as ur request…


ads:adSize=“BANNER” ads:adUnitId="ca-app-pub-7363555387756379/4902100448

ads:adSize=“BANNER” ads:adUnitId="ca-app-pub-7363555387756379/7374681154




ur reply is here






yes sir, u re correct that shown rules that how to integration admob on android studio by kotlin, etc…
now-days iam using full appybuilder/appinventor right now still my favourite builder apk.

thanks sir for ur time, happy new year 2019.


ur welcome
happy new year


maybe anyone can make extension for admob, which can be set id on string mode ??


read here u can get ur ans