Here is what I want


Im not complaining but the Blocks editor runs slow when a lot of blocks are accumulated. I realize most applications are developed more relatively simple with not so many blocks. However larger applications can be developed and I feel like the backpack needs the feature of a plus and minus symbol attached to it so I can have multiple backpacks and the ability to label them example enmyBse1. This would be very helpful in keeping sections of code and more important their global variables separated and organized so they can be accessed later without searching all over. I realize there is a get and set variable and the ability to type and produce blocks, but that doesn’t aid in examining code for bugs. Again I’m not complaining AppyBuilder is wonderful! Woo Hoo :wink:


This would be a great feature!
I do most of my blocks on my phone, not on a PC and this would help me out tremendously!