Here is my app for warehouse management with barcode


Here is my “app” for warehouse management

Hello everyone, I show you my “app” for warehouse management. Unfortunately it is only in Italian, it is an initial version, I have to implement many features and when it is complete I will try to do an English version too. The app is still usable even for non-Italian users, once the functions are understood, it can also be used in Italian.

This application was initially created to replace the memory terminals that read the barcodes sending them, then, to other devices, usually PC windows.
Why replace optical terminals with android devices? Because today we all have android smartphones or tablets and then you have an economic saving (you do not have to buy new hardware), but also because managing the reading of barcodes from an android device we can have many more features.

With this application you can intelligently manage the acquisition of barcodes, enter the quantity and see in real time the price and details of the acquired item, see the total document, send the document via wireless on a windows pc, send the document via whatsapp, email (soon also via ftp), delete a line of the document, import the articles from external file in text format, search for an article and enter it manually without the help of the barcode, manage different types of documents ( eg Good, Bubble, Invoice, Load Movement, Quotation, Inventory), set up different network connections (eg Pc Banco1, Pc Banco2, Pc Administration) and send the various documents to one of the set connections. To manage up to 4 sales lists and choose which one to use for both document and line, change the behavior settings of the app.
This is a beta version, fully functional, but I still have to complete many features, implement new ones, fix possible bugs, I ask users to write to my email for any request or report.
The initial goal is to collect your feedback, advice, recommendations and possibly requests for customizations.



Pls available this app in our country


Hi I did not understand your request.
You ask me to make the app available for your country, but what exactly do you mean? If you talk about translating the app into English, it will be done in a few months.
Can you download the app from the link I posted?



ok thanks, I have enabled it for other countries, but it is in Italian. I had not done so for not receiving denied feedback.


Hello Sir, Is it possible to give me this apps aia file.


no, I’m sorry it’s not possible. It is a work of many hours with commercial purposes


Ok sir, Thank you… :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that I have implemented new features in the app. It is now possible to manage product deadlines, a very useful feature for those who use non-perishable items and wants to manage movements with expiration date information.
Unfortunately, the app is still in Italian, but if someone is interested in the app, I can help with the translation. Use is quite simple.


tell me what do you use as barcode reader? and how you tackle unbarcoded items?


Hi, I use the appybuilder component that reads the barcodes, but I also give the possibility to use external apps or to acquire it from a barcode reader connected to the gun. for items that do not have a barcode, you can import them into the app and search for them. search functions or manually entering the code


Hello everyone, I entered the English language, but I sleep Italian. I try some volunteer for a test to see if you understand. I am aware that there are small bug on the language, but they resolve the next weekend. I look confident an your feedback, thanks