Help to run offline Appy


Someone help me to run offline Appy when i start winstartfrontend …it close again and again


That means your java is not setup properly. Open up Windows DOS window, cd to where you installed AppyBuilder offline. Then run the command. Let us know what you you see


Sorry im not understand proper … what is next step


If you don’t know how to work in a command window, and it looks that way, it is hard to help you.

First read this tutorial


Just type winstartfront and press tab for full command.


ookkkk…my apps are stuck in appybuilder …when will be fix online version problem ?


this ?


such as, what’s the issue



component not fount , screen not found


After 2 hours we are still trying to help but still keep guessing what exactly your question is.


i am unable to work on my apps because apps are not working after install So i try to work on Offline appybuilder But it also not working


If you wish, you can PM your aia so I can take a look at it



sure but it is private …How can i send you publicly ?


Issue Solved Thank you Boban sir Application working well


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