Help- Simple Google Sign-in


Help needed - I want to create an app using google sign in where the user just presses google sign in button and the app scans if the user is registered on firebase (by searching for the gmail associated with a user data) then logs him in and if the user is new then it automatically register him along with some details that user have to type.

So every data on firebase is linked with the google account that user chose to sign in instead of usernames and passwords that will remove the burden on user to remember the passwords and username and verification etc.

So there is only one challenge for obtaining such solution: A google sign in where it detects if the user have a gmail logged in and it is working not just obtaining the mail address, in other words : authentication. Like google play services in android games (ex clash of clans)

And a very good example is AppyBuilder itself, where we just login with our google Accounts in one click. Easy, fast and secure.

I Think every app need it!

If not possible then is it possible to get it by using a webview like appybuilder and can fb do the same work and how?

Please help with this, this is a must have option for everyone!

Waiting for reply, thankssss…


I haven’t used this. but it may work for you:


I checked it recently, but i didnt figure out how to get this extension.


Register and you’ll get enough coins to purchase it.
So, in other words it will be free after you register.

  1. Register
  2. Confirm email
  3. Purchase
  4. Check your email

Extension GoogleLogin

Wow, Nice idea implemented by the developer. Well, thanks. you helped me out once again! Keep it up!


I tried finding this on the links provided. Is the extension hosted anywhere else?