Help! Making redeem


how to do if i withdraw my points and it will minus on firebase. anyone can give me the blocks?


I think you should read this


ya i can if you need PM me.


Why PM?
Help him here in the forum.



na prblm is that. I will also tell him complete process so for that… I said him to pm me


Maybe anybody else have the same problem.
Post the solution here and help also others.



Ok Brother i will try. Actually i am not that much comfortable so sorry


So what’s the point of having a forum if you are going to give answers only in private messages? This intends to be a knowledge base for all users, most of you are using AppyBuilder for free and to generate profit, so how about a little cooperation at least in helping in the forum to solve problems for everybody and not just in private?


Ooohk Guys I am really very sorry. I will send all the Blocks here. Actually sometime when we try to explain something to anyone we start taling in our regular language or other language & forum not allowe that language so thats why i said him to om me…


I solve the problem. And i find my mistake sorry.


I will share the blocks later here. So i can help other with my same problems


Very Good Dude. Solving your problems yourself is the best option…