Help comparing strings


I have some questions.
I am comparing a textboxs that the user inputs with variables i have.
To avoid errors, i used the uppercase block (in text blocks)
so if the user puts android and my variable have ANDROID then it will take de textinput as OK.

Is there a way to do the same with accents? and another variations of words.

So for example if my variable ist: “Caffe” i wanna compare to the textbox,and i want to take as equals to the textbox whenever the user puts “Caffe”, “CAFFE” , “Cáffe” or “CÁffe”. (this could be a minor problem in english because only foreign words have written accents (tilde) but in spanish there are a lot.

To resume i want the app to take A,a,Á,á as equals.
Any idea?

on the other hand, if i can’t convert al the variations of aan A to a plain A, maybe i cant restrict the keyboard to show only plain words and prohibit words variants?
(for example my keyboard shows an A, an if i put my finger on it a few seconds, then it opens a list with á, à, ä, etc) Its possible to cancel this function?

I have a 3rd qestion, i think it is the simpliest of the 3 .
If my variable has a text: “Apple”, and the user inputs “Apples (plural)” o “The Apples” how can i do to take them as equals? (in fact, to check if my variable is “contained” in the string that the user inputs?)

I have tried to do it with the COmpare text block changing the “=” to “<;” or “>” but i dont understand how its works and if i can do what i want with this blocks. (i think it correspond to the property “indexOf” in javascript for example but i dont found a block that done this.

listed #4



Build a procedure that has all these replacements for all the characters and use it to “clean” the text.


To cancel the accentuation at the keyboard level is not possible from AppyBuilder because that’s part of the operative system and the keyboard app you have installed. May be with an extension but I’m not sure about that either.


For the next question, use something like this:


Have you even checked the TEXT blocks? (The red ones) Seems like you haven’t.


Thank you! I checked the text blocks but i didnt saw it .