HelloChart by Kus Zab


Feature :

  • No Webviewer (fast)
  • Multitouch Zooming
  • And more

Here the test


This is use library
Price Extension 5USD each (Can be seperated)
sample apk have a lot more feature that i want developed more


exelente estas volando


wkwkwk (jajajaja) Thank you, This one make me headache.


this is normal jejejeje


What do you mean by “Price Extension 5USD each (Can be seperated)”? Do you mean 5 USD for one kind of chart or what do you mean? And what do you mean by “(Can be seperated)”?


Maybe what he means is that each graph is separate? You can generate column or pie chart or both.


Hi I am new here. Where can I get HelloCharts.aia files?


Not, you have to pay for the extension. See first post.