Heart Rate Extension


Anyone want to help me Beta Test a Heart Rate Extension?
PM Me if you’re interested…


That’s great @Ken :+1:


I need more Beta Testers for this extension.
Preferably people with devices that have a Heart Rate Sensor…


I have an S7 Edge, is that good?


My S7 and S8 have a Heart Rate Sensor so I am almost certain an S7 Edge does too.
I’ll PM you!


Couple of screenshots and a short video of it in action.

Special Thanks to @CarlosPedroza27 for his Circular Progress Extension!


Hi Ken,

that’s a great idea. I have a BerryKing Heartbeat sensor (BLUETOOTH 4.0) and many test devices (Android 4.3, 5.x, 7, 8.x, 9).

If also be possible to integrate HRV measurements, it would be perfect:

Best regards,

PS: Is your extension based on the AI2 BluetoothLE.aix
http://appinventor.mit.edu/extensions/ and similar to this:


Sorry this extension only works with internal HeartRate sensors and not bluetooth ones.