Hacking problems


Hi, i’ve tryed that lucky patcher hacks admob and in app purchases, there is no way for fix this issue? Thanks


What’s this? Not clear what you are asking


You can use the Activity Starter component to detect whether the user has Lucky Patcher installed then if they do have it installed, you could stop the app from opening, show a message asking them to remove it, etc.


Lucky patcher is a program that hacks your in app purchases and delete all ads from the app.


This is a good solution, but how i can do that? I mean, android.intent.action.DETECT or something like that?


You could do something like this to prevent in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher:

Activity Package: com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.CLON
Activity Class: com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.CLON.MainActivity-Original
The package name will look something like this. Unfortunately, Lucky Patcher seem to change their package with each update so you’ll need keep updating it with the latest package name.


Thank you, and what about ads hack?


hello, Sorry for disturb.
I’m try to stop using clone my app.
my app package name is
package name: com.accounting.earnandcost
Now what will I do in the Activity Package and Activity Class? My app’s package name or something?


@Conor it’s not working. :cry:


Yep this method for prevent hacks is not working. I can see on lucky patcher details the correct package name of that version but nothing work and i can hack my app easly


I lost some money bcs of this, mb the only one method is load all file of the app into a web database but how we could do that?


I was try. but failed.


It’s not just that, I disagree.
Yeah, most of users are just using for that, but it’s much more!
For example, you can disable permissions when normally cannot disabled, etc.

I think lucky patcher is a really great tool, if you know what to do with it.


if i use privet tool then i have no limit. Firebase have very low limit and it’s so costly.
i use lucky patcher over 4 years. It’s really good tool.


Yeah i know is a great tool but we are not here for saying that. We are here for fix this hacking problem.


yea. You can check Bkash app. you can find it on play store. if your mobile is root then you can not use bkash app. we have to do something like that. Lucky Patcher need root for work properly.


That’s not the point. People can hack our app with lucky patcher even without root…


lucky patcher can work non root mode. but this not about root, i just want to say that if we setup that our app can detect lucky patcher app if install. i am trying but now work. you can try it.


i deleted your previous post because it is not appybuilder code.


It does not work for me, I would be happy if you can help me