Grouped List by Kus Zab Update(01/02/2018)


This extension make a group list, multifunction and customized
What’s new on 01/02/2018

  • Add Ripple Effect From Traex on github
  • Circular Image (Seperate extension)
  • Base on Listview adapter avoid OOM on Big data
  • Caching Image Into Storage memory or in process memory(faster) without any OOM So far
    If Set to storage will be able when aplication running on offline mode Icon Still displaying.
  • add get and set CsvData. This function using AsyncTask smooth when fetching data

Here the preview


  • Glide Image from web (detect same image, decrease internet data)
  • Custom font
  • Font con
  • Listview, or chat Function


And here the blocks

the Price USD15


It looks pretty good


Thank you very much @Nickon


Hey, I made the transfer Can’t wait. :wink:


Very nice extension, @Kus_Zab


@Ronin Thanks bro
@Slik Let me check first



  • Fixed Font Icon
  • add card Mode



is it possible to slide the list to remove or call other function ?

btw, its nice extension, good job


Maksud nya swipe untuk hapus? Ngg bisa


Bgmn cara utk me remove list nya?


oh kl itu tinggal pilih index item yang mau di remove, di block itu kan ada contohnya


Hi, @Kus_Zab @Indra_Tjahjono please write in proper language so that people can translate it properly and get benefit from your conversation or if you can please speak in english…

The translation system can’t translate slang language for now, unfortunately,

Thank you,:wink:



I thought so, when I wrote it, I think somebody would make a comments about my slang langugage …
basically I was asking any method to remove with the slide gesture.

@kus_zab, Ok I will put an order to get the ext,

thanks bro


I send the payment thru paypal already.
please check it.



@Kus_Zab can you send me the link to download the extension ?
my gmail email is as i state on the private message and paypal notes.



Sorry I forgot, I will send you a minures