GridCard Extension [Paid]


hello all I have created this extension is a grid card any question will be welcome to complete the post info








see this complementary extension to show product detail


List View with few colums

How to download this


Pay him to download the extension.


i think this is modified form of your card view extensions


I dont understand by statement “see this complementary extension to show product detail”

are you mean, that you sell the gridcard extension and got free paralax as complementary ?



What is the price
My images are come from url will this extension show them


sir pls show the example of grid card block how to add and create multiple cards


it would be good if you could show your blocks and how it’s used


Have you bought this extension with the original developer @Andres_Cotes .
If yes then the original developer @Andres_Cotes should help you.


Does This Use Material Icon or .png Format Image For Icon …Hope You Will Say
Best Regards!


My Doubt About This Extension Should Clear @Andres_Cotes sir …
Before Buying It I Want To Know 3 Thing
1.Does It Load Image Faster
2.Does It Use Material Icon Or .png Format As Icon
3.its price?? Hoping below 100$ :unamused:
Hoping For Good Response.:blush:
Best Regards!


use icon *.ttf file

use glide library for load image


Thanks Sir For Fast Response …And Another What Is Glide .Once I Have Seen Glide Extension In Forum .Does It Use For Fast Image Loading?


How Ever Can I Used Desired .ttf For Icon Else Material Icon Or Font Awesome Only


is used to load the images asynchronously


you can create own ttf file with custom icon


THANKS Sir For Faster Response.What Is Price Of It ?


55 usd extension and send example with spreadsheet database


Wow I Really Love Your Helping Style .But I Think I Have Not 55usd In My Paypal.There 31€ only Available .I Think Upto Monday I Buy


Dont Mind Sir 22 November I Will Get Payment From Google Than I will Pay You Out 55usd Ok.If I Pay 31€ Than My Balance 0€ :cold_sweat: