Grid Cardview Extension


Hey Kus_Zab, I want to Purchase it, How i got it?


In this topic it is already said four times to pm the developer.


I purchased it but I don’t know how to display image from Google sheets
Please show me blog


Where do you purchase? Is it from Me? You can email me if already paid.



Since yesterday, July 27 2019, I made the purchase by Paypal, I sent you the 16 USD and I still have not received an answer from you.

I have tried to communicate by email and you still do not answer me

Please, I need the extension.


It is still the 27 of july here were i life. Maybe have some more patience so the developer can contact you.


Excuse me, it was since yesterday July 26, I was wrong. In the same way, more than one day has passed.


Advise would be still be the same. Give him more time. He know him as a serious developer.