Got this Webviev error today


Today I got an error in the webviewer in the offline version.
Can anybody tell met what this means:


In the usb testing it shows the normal website and when I create the APK it show the message above.


This seems to be due to recent upgrade of Android 9


is there going to be a solution soon?


I have the same problem on my Android 9 device. (Android 7-8 works fine)
I read about this problem in this topic: (maybe the solution is in there too)
Maybe the solution is there?


It seems to be the problem only exist if you choose target API28, and your device has Android 9. (although in this case, test mode works, but after apk installation the error comes)


It is because the companion uses api26



I have the same question: Is there going to be a solution soon in Appy builder?


Still have the same error with the webviewer, does anyone have a solution???


J’ai la même erreur avec une de mes applis. Quelqu’un aurait-il une solution ?