Gospel of Thomas App


I published my first app! This is the first in a series of apps on the theme, “The Wisdom of The Ages”, and features the text of the Gospel of Thomas (an ancient, non-canonical “sayings gospel” found among a cache of documents at Nag Hammadi in 1945). Later releases in the series will present documents such as the “Gospel of Q”, Hesiod’s “Works and Days”, and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. The simplicity of coding with AppyBuilder made all the difference, after years of farting around with other tools without getting anywhere.

My uber talented wife, Gunilla designed the graphical elements (the app icon, the scroll images used for the buttons, the image on the store page). All of the other “assets” are open source / public domain items or otherwise free to use commercially (including the text, from which is from Gospels.Net).

The text was minimally pre-processed using Perl to put it into a standardized format for presentation.

This app is entirely free (though not GPL), contains NO ADVERTISING, NO TRACKING, and requires no “special permissions”. Please download and tell me what you think!


I’m pretty dang stoked about this, although I’m certain it’s small potatoes compared to some of you. :slight_smile:

Conversion rate is very high, nearly 60%, for folks actually viewing my page on the Google Play Store.


Good design. How did you do that buttons?


My wife designed the buttons, you can use images in place of the standard shapes.

BTW, this app is up to around 2,000 installs on active devices! :slight_smile: