Gospel of Q App


This is the second app in my “Wisdom of the Ages” series (upcoming apps include Hesiod’s “Works and Days” and Sun-Tzu’s “Art of War”). Thank you AI and AppyBuilder, for making my longstanding ambition of being a bonafide software developer a tangible reality! My first app has been installed in 22(!) different countries on six different continents: Venezuela, Guatemala, US, Canada, Singapore, Kenya, Sweden, India, South Korea, Papua New Guinea. Just amazing! I’m so stoked! As a “labor of love”, my “pay off” is knowing that people are using my app. Google Play Console says that it is installed on 38 separate active devices. That’s a small number, but given the specialized subject matter and non-commercial nature of my apps, hugely gratifying! Especially with no promotional budget, and having been released for less than a month!


@Thomas_Leavitt I had installed your initial version. Nice graphics and layout