Gospel of Barnabas App


Sixth in my “Wisdom of the Ages” series. This was a bit of a different challenge to prepare and code, as the size of the text is substantial, and I had to basically download and compile the contents of 223 separate HTML files into one file for import into the app, plus then debug why the “search enabled” (ShowFilter) ListPicker was crashing the app (eventually worked around it by splitting the text into two separate ListPickers). I also had to manually insert chapter headings from the source text, as they were largely absent from the original document. I chose this particular document, because it seems like there is a fair bit of interest in it, and I’m hoping it has some legs via organic search.

The Gospel of Barnabas is a non-canonical “gospel” purportedly written by the Apostle Barnabas, a narrative account of the life of Christ told, uniquely, from a Muslim perspective (although not precisely theologically congruent with either Christianity or Islam). Evidenced by two known texts (in Italian and Spanish, the latter only available via a partial transcript), scholars generally place its date of composition around the 14th century A.D., and view it as an original composition that incorporates earlier materials that are, interestingly, derived from sources other than the Latin Vulgate most commonly in use at the time. The two works are largely congruent, and the translation here is based on the Italian ms., as translated by Lonsdale and Laura Maria Roberts Ragg in 1907, which includes chapter headings for the first 27 chapters (the manuscript itself appears to be complete textually, but with surrounding material, including a preface, still in the process of composition). Given the lack of Chapter headings beyond the first 27 sections, I’ve taken the liberty of interpolating page headings from the Raggs’ translation (in CAPITALS). Neither these, nor the original Italian chapter headings, are likely original to the work itself (the latter are missing from the Spanish translation). The canonical St. Barnabas appears in Acts as an early member of the Church, a follower of Paul who first knew him as Saul.


Good to know that you solved the problem! I’ll be trying your app.


Hi, interesting project.

I’ll try ur app. How many hours/days did you spend on this project?


I think i found a bug that u may have’d encountered.
After i use search and back home, home image is shrinking.

And in my case, the background makes it pretty difficult to read,


Thank you for downloading and giving feedback

I can have my wife lighten the background further, it’s always a judgment call.

I’m not doing anything with the background image other than referencing it in the UI designer and in a block in the credits, my guess is that this is a bug in AppyBuilder / AI. I also can’t replicate the problem on my device. @Hossein? Could this be a side effect of my using the new padding feature?


@Thomas_Leavitt I don’t think so. Let me try your app


This took a day or so, maybe, spread over a couple of days. A couple of hours of reading up about the text and drafting up a blurb, a few hours to process and regularize the text for import, a few more to customize the app template and deal with the ListPicker issue. Lots of fiddly bits that add up.


Wow, what a fast pace. I don’t think i can do it in a day alone.


How do I replicate the issue? I downloaded the app and played around with it, but didn’t see the issue.


@Hossein, I’m sorry but i’m not sure. I have never encounter this issue before in my apps. What i do is played around, search some, reading some, browsing some and then when i clicked Home, it just happen. I want to try again but i already uninstall the app.

It could be my phone only too. This is a good think if you and Thomas didn’t encounter this problem.