Google take dowm my app


I dont understan at all what this is about.
I have some question:

  1. could this be related with admob doesnt showing my adds?
    2)this collection of android advertising id can be shut down from the block?(I used admob institial and admob rewarded video) or thats is something inheret to that elements?
  2. in alternative is there any privacy policy model to use that you know that is right? I dont wanna put something and then having more problems.

This is the messagge receoved:

"… (Your app) has been removed from Google Play due to a policy violation. This app won’t be available to users until you submit a compliant update.

Issue: Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy and section 4.8 of the Developer Distribution Agreement

Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the app requests or handles sensitive user or device information. We’ve identified that your app collects and transmits the Android advertising identifier, which is subject to a privacy policy requirement. If your app collects the Android advertising ID, you must provide a valid privacy policy in both the designated field in the Play Console, and from within the app.

Next steps: Submit your app for another review

  1. Read through the Usage of Android Advertising ID and User Data policies, as well as the Developer Distribution Agreement, and make appropriate changes to your app. If you decide to collect sensitive user information, be sure to abide by the above policies, and include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app’s store listing page and within your app.
  2. Make sure that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies. Additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.
  3. Sign in to your Play Console and submit the update to your app.

Alternatively, you may opt-out of this requirement by removing any requests for sensitive permissions or user data.


Did you add a privacy policy as stated in the mail you got from Google?


Yes, now i had done it. Thanks. I think i will solve the problem, but i wanna understand a little more about that about android advertising ID.

Using admob or other monetize elements will always uses some kind of private data of the user?


I guess. Never used ads and never will, so can not help you with that.