Google Spreadsheet Extension (Paid)


I want to access the file by link

See bellow

(or any other)

to pick up certain rows and columns

Just do not understand this, how to set the file from where I shot the information



Please send extension paid


I’ve mailed you these extensions


Having issues with MIT App Inventor crashing when trying to call Spreadsheet1. Any ideas on why this would happen? Maybe I’m not understanding how to properly setup the API.


As per my guidance , Whichever I pm u.
I thing ur problem has been solved!!!


I want buy this extension contact me urgently


After you make the payment, you will be sent


i want google spreadsheet extenion for appybuider


please call me. my contact is 9812777964


This will be in the next release of AppyBuilder


How much time will be required for this extension? Is it free or paid ?


how to use & get it


When will the new release will be there?


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu If i will sent you 350 rupee on paytm and give my mail at the discription of the payment. Then how much time will you take to give this extension to me.


This component is already present in appybuilder.


Then use it . Enjoy
If it working fine . Why u pm me for requesting this extension


Will you now give it for free?


The Google spreadsheet extension is now a component inside AppyBuilder. So there is no need for an external extension.


i cont give free .

@Peter right saying


I want app in which Paytm Transaction extension is used. So i waa check how it is working. Have u developed any app with paytm transaction extension.