Google policy to Target SDK 26


Most of you are aware that, Google is implementing a policy that for:

  • New apps - Starting in August, all new apps submitted to Goggle Play Store, must target Android SDK 26 or higher
  • Existing apps - Updates to existing apps will also be required to target SDK 26 starting in November

We wanted to inform you that we have (locally) updated AppyBuilder to address Google’s new policy. However, we have not yet published the release. MIT App Inventor team has also been working on this effort and are in process of making their final updates. We will delay our release until we can sync their code with ours. This post is only to give you assurance that before end of July, we will release new AppyBuilder version with Target Sdk 26.

Below is a screenshot to show you an AppyBuilder app published with Target SDK 26:


Is appybuilder start supporting target sdk 26
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Google Policy To Target SDK 26 By John
Google Policy Target SDK 26 By John

Great work. …:+1::+1::+1:

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We are planning our next release by this coming Sunday July 29th.

About Play store API

Wanted to share info that our PowerTester members (THANKS to them), are testing the upcoming release


Up to when can we expect this official release ?

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Hello,I am having some issues with the updated version of apps.They are not showing default appybuilder icon and are not installing on Android 4, 4.1 and 4.2 etc. However, they are working on Andriod 5 and up.
Is there any solution for this problem please?


As you can read in the latest release notes the current version only works from android 5 and up. Developers are working to make it work on android 4 again. Be patient.


Its okay as only few devices are still bellow 5.0, 2-4%. But Thanks.


Thanks for your reply.