Google play services


There is some way to add Google Play services to the inventor’s application
Either way as an extension, for example?


Please help for this


@Adell_SE What feature of Google Play Services you like to have?


Thanks for answering
I would like to be able to add achievements and leaderboards.


Hey Adell,

I´m also searching for a solution to integrate google plays leaderboard, in particular to compare the players rank on national and international level. Couldn´t find a solution to integrate in AppyBuilder so far.


Why not use a tiny web db our firebase db to keep scores and ranks?


Thank you for the hint Hossein!
I will try firebase. Is there a tutorial/exemplary .aia file you can recommend?


Please search the forum. There are plenty of tutorials or topics. Maybe not all about leaderboard but about the use of firebase.


Thanks for helping out, I´ll do some research