Google Maps Marker



I’d like to change the icon marker.
Please add in future release.
Best regards


I’ve really been waiting for this.


Hi, I made some apps in Thunkable and they have the Add Custom Marker in the Google Maps Block,
This block is very intuitive as you can see.

A similar block in AppyBuilder would be much appreciated.



AppyBuilders map component is based on the one from an ai clone called punya. AI is now testing a new map component here

It uses openstreetmap but it is possible for developers to add googlemaps.

Markers can be easily added


title en descriptions are added with these methods



We’ll add the new map component when it’s stable


Hi, @Nickon is it possible to add moving marker?


Hi @Nickon, I would like to know if you plan to add custom marker to googlemap in the near feature?

I am working with location-based app using custom markers offered by another provider and if appybuilder also offer custom markers, I would consider moving the project here.