Google instant apps


Is appybuilder Google instant app compliant?
If not currently, any future plan to make it so?



Instant App requires minimum sdk version 23. AppyBuilder currently uses min 14. Switching to 23 would possibly have huge impact on layouts and and also number of users who can download / install the app


I suspect that this would be a huge challenge from a programming perspective, but might it be possible to design AB so that a user can “target” an SDK level with individual builds? I.e., default builds to SDK Level 14, but have the option to reach a more limited audience by targeting, for example, SDK Level 23 for a particular build/application? There are functions and features available with newer SDK levels that I’m sure it would be useful to have access to.


@Thomas_Leavitt you are correct and there would be more features but this would also change the look and feel of companion


By “change the look and feel of companion”, do you mean, “require programming changes to the Companion which would render it incompatible with apps built to an older version of the SDK”? I can imagine that it might be literally impossible to build a Companion that is dynamically adaptable to the SDK version an app is being built to… although I don’t really know enough to say one way or another.

That said, I’m not sure why that, in particular, would be the primary obstacle. Companion is nice, but you can build and test without it. I suspect there are key SDK revisions that people would tend to target, so, worst case, you it might require building a small library of Companion apps targeted at those. A pain, but probably no more of a pain than building the core app itself to dynamically adapt to various SDK levels.

On that topic, aren’t there extensions which increase the minimum SDK level of the generated app, how does the Companion handle that currently?

FYI, my main app has over 200 installs by now, on devices running almost every possible version of Android back to 4.1, in countries all over the world… my #2 and #3 are Ghana and Nigeria (after the United States)!


@Thomas_Leavitt changing min sdk would have impact on current apps look and feel. For example create a simple app with some odd visual components and run it both in MIT AI and AppyBuilder. You’ll see difference in how apps look.

For extensions our components, we add code to check api level of device and based on that can determine if certain features would work or not


Right, but: I’m not suggesting that you change the minimum overall SDK. Simply let people target a higher level SDK… folks doing so would obviously be aware that this will have an effect on their application as described, and also limit its availability to devices running older versions of Android, etc.

Hmm… I suppose I could use the offline version of AB to test the effects, at a guess, there’s some kind of global setting that specifies the minimum SDK level for a build?


@Thomas_Leavitt There is no global settings. You’ll need to use 3rd party tools such as ApkModer by @Gabryk or AppToMarket