Google changing minimum target API level


This sounds like it is going to have a significant and ongoing impact on App Inventor development; what is the current target API level?

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This affects target sdk and min sdk can stay same. However we’ll still need to perform lots of testing


I get that. Backwards compatibility is preserved, but isn’t this going to require significant ongoing investment of time and energy by core developers to integrate changes that permit building to the proper target API level? I.e. force a trade off and re-prioritization of development resources to meet the new requirements?

…with the positive side effect of enabling access to functionality not currently available because the existing target API is not current enough?

Do you see this as having a significant impact either way, good or bad, or mixed? Is it likely to impact existing apps significantly? Extensions?


This would apply to new apps only not existing one. The good news is that AI dev team has this on their timeline already


Seems like by end of 2018, even updates to existing apps will require to target API level 26

From Evan (AI Dev Team member):

  • August 2018: New apps required to target API level 26 (Android 8.0) or higher.
  • November 2018: Updates to existing apps required to target API level 26 or higher.
  • 2019 onwards: Each year the targetSdkVersion requirement will advance. Within one year following each Android dessert release, new apps and app updates will need to target the corresponding API level or higher.


I’m presuming that AI handles setting the “target API”, right? Don’t see an option for us to do so ourselves. Which would imply, for instance, that an app whose behavior doesn’t meet the requirements of said API would not compile, or would transparently have its behavior changed to comply? The article cites, for example, SnapChat’s generalized block of permissions, which later API versions require be granted (or not) in a more granular fashion.

“Every new version of Android comes with a new API level, which changes how the app framework functions, adding new features, new restrictions, and new security measures. Currently, developers can opt out of these changes by just using an old API level, but soon they will be forced to target recent API levels. […] These changes are good for users but more restrictive for app developers, and they require work to implement.”

That last phrase is my key question “work to implement”… the app I’m currently developing incorporates enough “advanced” functionality and features (including several third party extensions) for this to be of concern. AI generally shields me from having to deal with these details, I’m assuming it will continue to do so, but at the cost of… what? What are the implications to us, the developers using AI, of these requirements, if any, given the level of abstraction from the normal development process the tool provides?


A post from Evan Patton about the changes in SDK version in the Play Store.!topic/app-inventor-open-source-dev/mFCtJ2vSwrY

Apps made from AppyBuilder won't be publishable after few months?
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@Peter Thanks for sharing. We are keeping our eyes open for this and looking into updates that are required for this future change


This makes no sense as not all devices are to be scheduled for Android Oreo and Android Pi?.. Why would they do this knowing it would make a bigger impact then we all want it too?


@Nathan5226 this is target sdk not min sdk


Ohhh, ok. Thanks for letting me understand better, LOL.


i upload apk to google play and get warrning to update the sdk of the app to 26 start from august
now its 22
do you know something about that?


I moved your topic here. Please next time search the forum first before asking. This has been asked before.


ok thank you
so i need to do nothing? i didnt understand if there will be update for appybuilder


There is nothing you can do. The developers of AB have to follow the changes AppInventor is going to make and incorporate that into AB when the time is right.


How much time u take to update 25 API Level in appybuilder


Didn’t you read my answer above your remark? That says it all. Be patient.


Ok target sdk, but minsdk? I tried to do an app but on kitkat don’t run while it run on Nougat and Oreo. Is it official appybuilder apps works from Lollipop?


AB works from API14 Ice Cream Sandwich.

You are probably using an extension that needs API21+


Thank Ken, i try to delete 3 default extension: date, text and list utils but don’t run. In live testing work but when i install apk no. When i tap on icon It don’t show first screen, it show “the program has been arrested”…