Google account of appybuilder must be the same as admob


Hello everyone, I am new to appybuilder but I have apps created with other systems and I have some doubts with admob in appybuilder.

I am creating my first app in appybuilder with a google account different from the admob account that I use with my other app, is this possible ?, or does the google account of appybuilder have to be the same admob account?

thank you

Excuse my english. :slight_smile:


No, you can have two different accounts.


Thank you very much for your quick statement. Another question I have is, if in my admob account I have apps with appybuilder and I have apps that are not appybuilder, there can be confusion and that appybuilder charges me 5% commission in apps that are not appybuilder?


Appybuilder will take 5% commission automatically only from apps that are created by Appybuilder.