GmailUtil Extension [Free & Paid]




Free Version

no error upload playstore

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Paid Version

in the paid version you can pre-format send several files


Price 10 USD

pay and download :point_down:


Andres Cotes


Nice Extension…!!! :100: :ok_hand::clap:


if there is no storage path


Hello! I’m not able to attach any kind of file with the free extension. Is this some deliberate mistake to buy the pay? Thanks!!


Maybe you can show your blocks?


All or just GmailUtils?


From the extension…



When the Gmail application opens it says “Could not attach files”


I guess this is because he can not find the files. What if you test with an existing file from somewhere on your phone?


This file exists on the phone. I checked it and it’s there. I can see through the file manager of the phone itself. But strangely it does not appear through Windows Explorer (connected via USB cable). Could it be that it is hidden or something? Why can not Gmail attach?


You are generating the filename at the same time you want to attach it. Just test with something like /macro/ and see what happens. Make sure exists. And you should use the path "file:///mnt/sdcard/etc… " as it says in the example.


Okay. I created the zip file by the mobile file manager itself. I opened it by normal windows explorer and everything is working. I’ll test and see if gmail can attach it. Just a minute!


It worked. It is attaching the file perfectly. I sent it, got it in the email, I opened it and everything is correct. Now I will have to see the problem of the zip that I am generating by the extension com.puravidaapps.TaifunZip.aix is not working! At least now I know this extension works! Thank you very much!


Funciona correctamente esta extensión Andres?


Si señor , la versión free puedes un solo archivo en la paga varios archivos y varios destinatarios


Hola, intento mandar una foto tomada con el movil pero no me deja. Adjunto lo que



solo la versión paga recibe listas


Tengo la version de pago. El problema no son las listas, es que cuando la APK se instala en el tlf, en vez de ser por la emulacion del companion, la ruta del fichero no es accesible. Pasa de : “storage/emulated/0” a “Memoria interna” y ahí deja de funcionar


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