GmailUtil Extension [Free & Paid]


Problem with attachment solved with the update you send me.

But now when Gmail opens the text Is not in the body of the msg. Only subject and files attached.




Finally you have updated the extension? o come back of update the extension in my Appybuilder, but for the moment i can´t use for check if this extension is updated or No



Hola alguien pudo hacer que funcione la extension sobre Android 8?

Estoy intentando encontrar otros medios, pero no logro dar con ello



En la versión paga está resuelto


i’m using paid version of extension with Android 9.
I got a file in /storage/emulated/0/ and when i try to send email i got error “Clipboard.Item.getUri()”
The file is visible, not hidden and it is named “SomeThing.CSV”, created with the same app with a block running before the mail sending.
I post blocks about GmailUtils, any suggestion or update, please?
Thank you for support!