GmailUtil Extension [Free & Paid]


but how is the author of that extension able to answer there, if he does not follow that forum?

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Then the author should do that or the user should send a pm. I think it is not right to do it here. It is the same as asking a Mercedes question on a BMW forum. Both cars but different.



But i did not find what the message Choise do … :slight_smile:


I Not understand the ask


His my code. I did not find what anywhere what happen if write OK os insted of anything …


This is when change activity show message no all device


Need a little help fo me about the attachment …

I made filepath about you describe it.

My gmailutils1.folderpath is /storage/emulated/0
I took some pictire to the file:///storage/emaulated/0/Pictures/app_inventor_2782364324612384.jpg

I made -> /storage/0/app_inventor_2782364324612384.jpg
I made a LIST some filename and a try to attach the gmail app but not attached it.



what android version


I tried to use the Extension, but I’ll get a Runtime Error with my Android 8 device every time. With Android 6 every thing works fine.

The error text ist: _file:///storage/emulated/0/…jpg exposed beyond app through ClipData.Item.getUri()

I searched at google groups an found this:
Link to google groups

Evan Patton wrote at google groups:

Due to changes in Android, the extension will likely need to be updated. A relatively newish Android policy (I think Android 7.0+) requires that if you are going to share data between apps, one must use a content URI rather than a file URI. That is the source of this error. In App Inventor core we have updated all of the components (e.g., Sharing) to do this, but each extension author will also need to make updates to be compatible with these new policies.

Is this this the reason to the Runtime error?

Thank you for your help.


you are working with the free version or the paid version, if you are using the verison pay send me an email and I will send you the update


Because I am just trying the extension, I use the free version.
But so I know that the reason for the error is not in my doings.
Will you release an update for the free version too? So i can try it later.


Dear Andres_Cotes,

I got the same Uri problem with the paid version. Can you send me an update of the extension?


I still got an error. Can you help me solve it?




yes i send update one hour ago


I updated the extension and unfortunately it didn’t solve the Uri problem


wait i compile i send aganin


Gracias amigo. If it’s possible, can you show me an example how to attach a file correctly?


It’s working. You’re the best amigo. God bless you.


In Android version 8 this extension in free version works in my app.

I recently changed my smartphone to Android version 9 and the extension no longer works.

It shows the following error: “file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures/app_inventor_1557742492997.jpg exposed beyond app through ClipData.Item.getUri()”

Will you release an update for the free version?