.gif or .mp4 file as background picture of a screen/button


Hey, I want to set my screen’s background to a video/.gif… any solution there ? Or any extension ?

Video backgrounds. possible?


Thank you so much @Peter for helping me out :blush::blush:


@Peter Do you have any other solution ? because I want to add a .mp4 in the background


You have to extract your mp4 to single frames i guess.


Ok… I will try as you instructed…:+1::+1:


I tried to use GIF file as animating background but not working. In the PC preview it shows moving but not moving in mobile preview and in installed APK.

Please help.


Don’t use 3 threads to solve your problem!


Extract the gif to its frames , see the example aia that @Peter kindly shared in his tutorial


@dora_paz, I already know that one but what i am asking is, is it possible to do with mp4 or GIF files only??


@TF101 Is correct. Please don’t create multiple posts in different posts. You already opened a thread. Stay with that one


@Hossein ok …


This is the only way I know but you can also check for an extension, see here