Getting error while go for usb live testing


The following error occurs when I go for usb live testing.
“AI2 does not see your device, make sure the cable is plugged in and drivers are correct.”

Please somebody help me.
I am using MI Redmi Note 3, usb debugging mood is on, cable is plugged in


Did you check out the live testing doc in


yes. but still showing same issue


Can you try another device?


sir, I have tried. But showed same error


If you use so inventor, dies it connect?


I don,t use app inventor


Use it to test and let us know


actually I don’t know about inventor


please download Universal ADB Driver and install it in your pc then try usb testing it will work because i have also faced same problem in past but now i m using usb testing without any error


Showing this again. I don’t know what’s wrong with it


I’m trying to connect with USB testing.
Getting same issue. same error. I install Universal ADB driver as well.
But the problem still exist.

Did you get any solution ?


Did you get it? I’m getting same issue…


Had you try turning off then turning on USB debugin at your device?