Get "id player" from onesignal


a block that can pick up the ID of the device “IDplayer” and be able to use that information. in push notification onesignal


Yes, i need this too, since i build a chat application. so users will get Push Notification if they receive new chat message


Take a look at blocks ink PhoneCall components


Let us know if block below helps you out:


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Thanks a lot for your reply @Hossein.
I have tried using the Phonecall component, although I can get information on the device that the user is using, but it is still very global.
For chat applications 1 to 1 with a number of users of around 600 people, the number of users who use the same device and version will certainly be a lot, so if sending push notification only with device filters will be less effective.
for now, I need PlayerID information which is a unique filter provided by OneSignal to each subscriber.
if the PhoneCall component can provide information about it, what key should I specify to get that information.


What do you mean by global?


These are the things you get back when you use the phonecall block.

Choose the one that are unique for instance the IMEI value.


Thanks @Hossein and @Peter

First, I apologize if my english not to good

what I mean global before, is that identities like “device” (which stored in OneSignal Database when Subscribe) are not unique, and can be owned by multiple users / devices.
so if I send a message with a filter “device”, then the pushnotification about the message can be sent to several people.


IMEI is really unique, but it’s not stored in OneSignal Database.

if possible, when a user subscribes and gets PlayerID from OneSignal, the Application can store the PlayerID data. This is very useful for further application development, it can be used to synchronize with a website database, especially if the application uses the webview component as its main feature

or if possible too, when a user subscribes, from the application it can simultaneously send a special Tag as a unique identification per user / device, for example, the tag used is an email address that has been recorded in the application database.


HI, @Hossein, i found this block on kodular,

can it applied in Appybuilder? i mean about “Get User ID

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We’ll add this Player ID in next release:


Thank you so much @Hossein

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Thank you @Hossein :+1:t2:


thank you so much sir … it will be very useful.:ok_hand:


Thanks so much for you and Appybuilder Team for releasing Editor

after learning and trying for these two days, finally, for the first time I was able to make my own extensions that I really need right now.
This extension is very simple, is an addition to the OneSignalPush extension.
inside there are two parts:

  1. Knowing the subscription status is true or false
  2. Obtain PlayerID information

This extension is still very minimal because this is the first extension I made, besides that I just learned java because I wanted to make this extension.
I hope this extension can help all of your here

com.OneSignalPlus.aix (11.2 KB)