Gesture to move label


I want to make a swipe effect to the sides.
Let’s say you have a text in a label and move it to the left or right and check which side is being made.
Some help?
Thank you.


@Adell_SE Not sure what you need. Can you provide more details?


Thanks for answering @John
I mean something similar to Tinder or this application that if you slide to one side or another is an option or another

I’m really just interested in doing the animation of movement and knowing which side it is slipping to then I can use blocks to make functions depending on the direction in which the gesture has been made


Please i need help for this.
Any idea?


Please be patient.


Thanks you
It is an alternative
and the design could be modified to fit what I’m looking for
however I do not know if the user has slid to the left or to the right