FTPmanager - Add new methods


Two new methods that are now missing:

  1. rename files and directories;
  2. delete files and directories

Thank you


@Roccocogliano We can definitely check into it and make updates



Thank you


@Roccocogliano Deleting directories and/or renaming it could cause harm to user’s device and / or ftp folder. Not sure if we want to proceed with this


Really? I would never have imagined it.
Okay, do what you can consciously.

Thanks anyway for everything you do


That’s standard functionality for any ftp client or file management utility. So long as you either ensure that the end user is fully informed about the actions being taken and confirms that they are acceptable, or that the actions are limited to non-critical app exclusive areas of the “filesystem”, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be available as an option. Anyone could hack into the source code for this feature and add it themselves and make it available as an extension.


There are already +200 extensions that means individuals have to talk to different developers for upgrades and maintenance. Also it may not work for to library conflicts between choir3 and or extensions.

We’ll update the core AppyBuilder


Hossein, I appreciate you’re responsiveness!

I didn’t mean to discount your concern, you understand this way better than I do, but:

Apps can’t access other apps’ data, and run without privileges. Right? I suppose a malicious app could delete commonly accessible data (just as non-rooted file managers can do manually), but from a security standpoint, I find it hard to imagine what district difference there is between the issues associated with this functionality, and those associated with any other app given read, write, delete privileges. Malicious app behavior and end user non-comprehension of the implications associated with app requests for access is a generic issue for Andriod (as it has been for Windows).

On the issue of extension incompatibilities and conflicts… see PM.


@Thomas_Leavitt no problems. Inputs are much appreciated.

Btw, i didn’t receive your pm


Phone battery died. You should have it now. :slight_smile: