FS Goalie - a (very) simple goalkeeper game -


Today I want to introduce my first game app. It’s a very simple game, you look at a field from the top and you just have to move the goalkeeper to the left or right to save the ball. You have 4 “lives”, that means after 4 goals the game is over.

Attention, after the Game Over an interstitial advertisement will be shown.

I started with the MIT App Inventor 2 a year ago, from this time (August 2017) come the core code blocks for the movement of the balls and the goalkeeper. At that time I had much less idea than now (still). After that, I did not work on the app until about June 2018, until then, when I went on with Appybuilder. Many things have become clear to me here at Appybuilder, for which I would like to thank you again. The forum is a gold mine, as they say in Germany.
You can choose between German and English Language. I apologize in advance for bad translation.

Goalkeeper and soccer field drawn with MS Paint
Icon, Logo, Buttons, Background with Magix Photo and Graphic Designer 12