[Freemium] PdfTool Extension 2$ [Updated] Version 2


A Simple Pdf Tool Extension Which Use To Open Pdf File
Soon In V2 I Will Add More Block .Give Me Some Time For v2.
● Thanks To @Ken For Supporting Me Alot.
■In V2 You Will Have Bunch Of Block
I will Add Video Tomorrow Coz Today I Am Busy :hugs:.
This Is Paid But If You Want Free Than Just Hit 50 :+1:

PDF Tool [upadted] Version 2

you might want to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names, please no underscores



Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Thank @Taifun For Regard Solved That #Issue :yum:


Updated PDF_Tool Extension V2

[Upadate] 2019-13-1
Added 6 New Blocks

Video Will Added After 6hrs
Interested People Can message Me
Price - 2$
Thanks Buddy !


Can’t you use an ActivityStarter for opening PDFs already?


you forgot to follow the naming conventions…



But @Ben Bro When You Use activity starter it crashes But This Extension will Not.


you might want to use the correct blocks…
How to view a pdf document