FreeImageSlider by Kuszab (Shared aix If Reach 50 Likes) Fixed Swiped


Hi. was this extension ever provided? Can’t find the link.


Sir Extension Link Please !


why isn’t there download link, was the 50 likes false promise?


I too think either he made false promise or he just forget!


@Kus_Zab is a respected extension developer. Accusing him of a false promise isn’t fair. That you don’t get something for free that others paid for doesn’t make that right. Just pm him if you have a question but don’t use this topic for something you can not proof.


I want pictures that I have on a server …
As a slide in the app have …
Is it possible or is there another alternative?


Where is the six download link please


does it support gif format bro?


where is download link ?


Download link plz…?