FreeImageSlider by Kuszab (Shared aix If Reach 50 Likes) Fixed Swiped


I just wondering can i hit the goal on my work,
Bug On Appybuider SwipeRight Not working very well (Fixed Only Paid Extension)

Designer Property



Paid Extension More Customized 5 USD


So if it is not working on AppyBuilder, why are you sharing it?


Only swipe right bro, swipe left working, if u dont like just ignore me. :slight_smile: all workpiece need feedback, maybe there some devices work.


@Kus_Zab this must be coding issue. If swipe right works, then should work too. Right? Also if you need us to help, either privately or publicly share code so that we can check into it


Il send you as soon as possubpe mr @Hossein , when i hold a komputer il send you


Early I already make a topic onTouchListener


@Hossein Thank You have try to looking the Problem, My Extension Already Fixed. Thanks


Great. What was the issue?


Like I said before, onTouch Listener Dooesn Straight trough the parent on newer api level, Maybe Appybuilder have newer Api level, AppyBuilder Support v4-v7 CMIIW. Thats good, examples, I cant get gesture of container of Imageview, so I place gesture on the front. Thanks Mr. Hossein


30 likes needed guys


dear how to download extetion please link send me


You must read the title or you van visit my blog


dear please give me download link image slider extention


can it work on .gif images?


Hi. How to download images which are showing in horizontal arrangement? I am unable to do it…


Somebody please like this post. One more like and he will share the extension with us


its on 49 likes :slight_smile:


Now it on 51 Likes :yum::relieved:


wait for the Good News !:hugs::star_struck:


@Kus_Zab Voila! Now its your turn to return the love…